AN4U Screenshotwww.anite4u.com

The website was designed and developed for a client that wanted a flashy and attractive site. There is some JavaScript that makes the stars twinkle and nice photo gallery courtesy of SVBuilder.


SSK Screenshotwww.safesoundkids.com

This is a web app turned security solution for several local churches in my area. It allows after-school programs, nurseries, and any other program to print ID cards, keep track of attendance and send text messages when kids arrive.


KorverENT Screenshotwww.korverent.com

This website was designed and developed for a business that never had a website before. It's fairly basic but has a client managed testimonials system that they control themselves.

The Bon Croix Vineyard

TBCV Screenshotwww.theboncroixvineyard.com

This website was designed and developed for my parents and their recently planted vineyard. It is highly photo driven with most of the content being HD photos. The font is also customized to fit the elegance of the site.